Success Stories

We can tell you lot - our customers can tell you even more!

Partnerships of many years shape the picture of our customers. Basis for this is the good personal relationship to our customers over all hierarchy levels. Together with the bundled knowledge from 28 years of experience and the knowledge from successful projects as well as the branch knowledge and the knowledge of our customers – Together we reach the goal!


Pott's Brauerei

Not quantity, but quality is what our brewery produces at the Münsterland.

To optimize the quality and assure our processes, we use ORGA-SOFT business software since 1998.

In addition to the functionality of the system was crucial, especially the service-readiness of ORGA-SOFT. Meanwhile, a close partnership has developed, we have direct contact with our counterparts. We also wish to use this information in the days to talk about specific issues with clients and consultants by developers. 18 months ago we changed the field of financial accounting software successfully on the new INTEGRA. Since the beginning of the year sales were then all business processes successfully ported to INTEGRA drinks and the next step is the introduction of materials management. In the past, often the distribution was the focus, today we also attach great importance to the improvement of procurement processes to save costs.

Quote: André Westermann, Pott's Brewery


B&H Logistics

The transport of parceled-goods is our core competency

We permanently extend our service portfolio in different areas like general cargo-operate, stock & logistics, customs clearance and textile logistics.

That modern technology and an efficient infrastructure are the drivers of our expansion, is pretty clear to us. For 6 years now we successfully count on ORGA-SOFT’s ERP solution for our core competency in the financial accounting. Apart from the functionality of the ERP system the flexibility and customer proximity are important to us and therefore ORGA SOFT acts exemplary for us. The contact to our partner ORGA-SOFT is very personally, the Hotline competent.

Quotation: Heike Beese, CEO


ehko Beverages

Order by Cellphone

„Since October 2006 we are productive with the new application HandyOrder (Handy=Cell phone). The customer Orders are transferred via mobile phone and run directly into the ORGA-SOFT ERP system. The correct customer will be assigned and released immediately in the appropriate order.

In response ORGA-SOFT supplies current assortment data or information about individual special campaigns with the same interface. As beverage wholesale company with over 500 catering trade customers HandyOrder is a central communication tool for us, which minimizes the order entry and clearly relieved manual errors. And because of this technology we are one step further than our competitors. In the context of the customer days we use the opportunity to inform us in detail about new innovative solutions. And also the fun factor does not come here too briefly - but the familiar and personal atmosphere of a wide awake company already ensures. “

Quotation: Tilo Kochsiek, managing director


GROSS - Wholesale trade

Our highest goal is to satisfy our customers

“How our continuous growths can can go on without losing our process quality” remembers Gerd Rosenkranz, authorized officer with GROSS.

Due to the flexibility and the Service quality of GROSS the responsible persons decided for ORGA-SOFT as technology and solution partners. Today a team of 50 people works with INTEGRA to create 21.000 delivery slips for their customers per month.


Kalenborn International

Selling, purchase, stock, financial accounting, wages or time economy

- the software of our partner ORGA-SOFT supports the critical business processes with Kalenborn since beginning of the 90's. And since 1998 we are one of the first INTEGRA customers.

We have a special partnership with our system integrator ORGA-SOFT. In the last years a bond of trust and many personal contacts were developed. This is one of the reasons why we developed the new module „calculation” in 2006 together with ORGA-SOFT. The technical input came from Kalenborn, the technology from ORGA-SOFT. And in order to call another example: Before the monthly pay slip could be created one of our Servers crashed down. I decided to drive to Mainz with our last Backup and the people at ORGA-SOFT fixed the problem. This is what I call flexibility.

Quotation: Michael Jungbluth, commercial leader